Entrees Menu 2

Fresh Sole stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and garlic seasonings, baked in butter
and white wine with capers.

Red Snapper - Sautéed with sliced strawberries in an orange brandy sauce.

Pan Seared Salmon with hollandaise or béarnaise sauce                                  $18.95

Pan Seared salmon with a orange garlic glaze

Shrimp Scampi Fettuccine with Asparagus and Red Bell Pepper                            $18.95

Prime Rib with jus and a sour cream and horseradish sauce

NY Strip Steak                                             $25.95

Filet Mignon with a black peppercorn sauce

Veal Marsala                                                           $26.95

Rack of Lamb with mint sauce

Stuffed Lamb with sausage and greens                                                   $26.95

*All meat entrees are served with a starch and vegetable, rolls and butter
*All pasta dishes are served with a dinner salad, vegetable, rolls and butter

*All entrees may be a Buffet or a Seated and Served Menu
*All salads with Dinner entrees $2.25 extra per person

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