Brunch Buffet Menu

Assorted Breakfast Pastries and Bagels served with butter,jam and Cream Cheese
Coffee, Tea, Decaf w/ Cream and Sugar
Assorted Cold Juices - Orange, Cranberry, Apple, Grape and V-8

Assorted Breakfast Meats
• Baked Ham with a maple mustard glaze
• Maple Sausage Links
• Bacon

Choice of One Meat Entr้e
• Sliced Roast beef w/ a sour cream horseradish sauce
• Glazed pork loin w/ an apple and raisin chutney
• Chicken Vermont w/ maple mustard glaze, Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese

Choice of one Egg Dish
• Omelet Station w/ your choice of fillings -- mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, onion,
• broccoli, bacon, sausage, cheese and salsa.
• Simple Scrambled Eggs with cheese, salsa, and ketchup on the side
• Eggs Benedict w/ Hollandaise or B้arnaise Sauce

Fresh Fruit

• Seasonal Sliced Fruit Platter such as Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Pineapple, Grapes
and Berries
- Or
• Seasonal Whole Fruit Basket such as Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Plums and Peaches

Choice One of the following
• Roasted Baby Red Potatoes
• Cheese Filled Blintzes w/ choice of Apple, Blueberry or Cherry Topping
• Choice of one Salad from Salad Menu

Menu Priced at 21.50 Per Person

Salad 1
Salad 2
Platter Salads
Entree 1
Entree 2
Light Lunch
Light Brunch
Brunch Buffet
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